WOD on the WAVES


It’s fitness. It’s community. It’s everything.

What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Prepare to have the time of your life when WOD on the Waves sets sail – for the first time – from Miami to the Bahamas, January 21-25, 2019.

The world’s ultimate fitness cruise exists to celebrate our community’s work hard/play hard attitude. Get in gear for 2019 with some of the fittest athletes on earth. Did we mention that nobody parties like we do? Guess we just did!


Why You Should Break Out of the Box

  • Train hard and party harder with the fittest athletes on earth.
  • Vacation without sacrificing your training.
  • Want to further develop your skills? Dive into nutrition and other skill development seminars from category-leading coaches.
  • Train with the fittest athletes on earth … ON A CRUISE SHIP! Need we say more?

More details to come – check the website for updates!





Fitness Classes

  • Aerobic Capacity Classes: These workouts will involve intervals, long runs, and sprint workouts
  • Barbell Technique: Lightweight, position work – drill the positions that will allow you to maximize your lifts!
  • Bodyweight Fitness Classes: Classes will consist of individual and partner workouts, focusing on all gymnastics (bodyweight) movements
  • Dumbbell Class: Just imagine anything you can do with a barbell, we will do that with dumbbells. Deadlifting, snatching to lunging – be ready for some challenges!
  • Outdoor Calisthenics Classes: A low barrier to entry workout, the calisthenics will focus on keeping your body moving. A warm-up, workout, and cool-down will help you get your day started
  • Penance Classes: We’ve all been there, the penance class is to pay for the night before, or perhaps the night to come. This class will use gymnastics, mono-structural, and light weightlifting movements
  • Sandbag Sesh: Learn how to lift odd objects, carry them and move some heavy weight with some new tools!

Make sure you bring a friend to suffer with.

Specific times and locations will be announced prior to sailing.

Now It’s Time to Play!

  • Experience menus especially curated by top athletes (abs start in the kitchen, right?)
  • Take excursions led by your favorite top athletes
  • Shake your inhibitions with costumed theme nights
  • And so much more…

Is Your +1 Not Working Out?

No big deal! There will be plenty of entertainment options for all ages and all activity levels. Remember, this cruise will have all the bells and whistles of a standard cruise – just amped up 1000% for those that want to get their fitness on! Bring your family, friends and significant others. See the ship page for a list of entertainment designed for the whole family!

We’re Just Getting Started

We are frequently adding more information. So, check the website often for updates. Or if you prefer that we do the work, follow us and we will share updates with you right in your feed.