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Margaux Alvarez

Margaux has extensive experience in CrossFit.  She is a six-time Games athlete with career highlights in 2015, finishing 2nd overall at the 2015 South Regional and finishing in the Top 10 at the 2015 Games, 3rd at the 2016 West Regional, and 3rd at the 2017 South Regional, and 1st in the 2018 South Regional.

Margaux spent much of her childhood in Montana, where she spread her athletic love across many disciplines including swimming, volleyball, ballet, horseback riding, and Taekwondo. She was introduced to CrossFit while working as a trainer in the Bay Area in 2011 and was immediately attracted to the sport. Today, she’s an active member of the CFHQ Seminar Staff, is headed back to the Games in August.

• Home State: Nevada

• Owner of The Vine Yard CrossFit Winery

• Owner of Prepare & Execute

• First place finisher in the 2018 Reebok CrossFit South Regional competition securing her sixth visit to the 2018 Games

• World traveler

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