WOD on the WAVES

WOD on the Waves Referral Program!

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How Do I Take Part?

It’s simple.  We provide your gym with an awesome poster, which will have your special promo code on it.  When someone signs up for WOD on the Waves using that code, you both get rewarded!


Sign up to get your promo code.

Put up a poster, and share on your social media!


Someone signs up with your code.

That person gets an extra $50 to spend on the ship, and YOU get $25! You’ll also be entered to win some amazing equipment for your gym!


If 10 rooms are booked using your code.

You get an interior room for FREE! (Plus all that extra money to spend on board!)


The top performers get some INSANE perks.

Including free airfare to Miami and upgraded rooms!

Prize, Reward, & Contest Details

#1 – Member Referral Program

This is an easy one!  Every person that uses the referral code on your poster will receive a $50 onboard spend credit to enjoy on the cruise.  But YOU will receive a $25 onboard spend credit for every person that reserves a spot on WOD on the Waves using your code!  So, you get 10 people to use your code (like, maybe five members and their spouses)…and you have $250 of onboard spend credit to enjoy on the cruise!  

Want to make it a little sexier?  If you have 10 room reservations booked using your referral code, we will give you an interior room on the cruise for free for you and a guest!  So, you get 10 rooms booked at double occupancy, you could be looking at a free vacation with the fittest athletes on earth, and a cool $500 to spend on board to make it that much better!

Can’t make it?  You can transfer the vacation to anyone you wish, or trade it in for a Concept 2 Rower for your gym!

#2 – Gym Equipment Contest

If the first one was easy, this is even easier!  If you get one person to use your referral code, your gym is automatically entered into a contest to win a prize package of a Concept 2 Rower, a Concept 2 Ski Erg, and a set of Rogue Sand Bags.  Hanging up a poster never felt so good!


If your members follow your every move, then this is the contest for you!  If you have 10 rooms or more booked using your referral code, you are entered into the TOP PERFORMERS Contest (1 entry per room booked).   This contest is a real doozy. Since you already have a free room from the Member Referral Program, things start to get really good.

The FOUR (4) runners up will each receive:

  1. An upgrade to an Ocean View Balcony room
  2. A complimentary VIP dinner at one of the ship’s specialty restaurants for you and up to 3 guests
  3. An additional $300 in onboard spend credit AND
  4. A Concept 2 rower or Ski Erg for your gym.

The grand prize? Well, it’s everything the runner up gets, PLUS:

  1. A complimentary VIP dinner (you and three guests) with the Games athlete of your choice.
  2. Complimentary airfare to and from Miami for the cruise for you and a guest on Southwest Airlines.
  3. You and a guest will be named Neptune’s Honored Guests, which will entitle you to some ridiculous privileges on the ship.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but you will be the envy of everyone on board  ; )