Guests can be contacted on board the Mariner of the Seas by calling 1-888-724-7447 (from the U.S.) or 1-321-953-9003 (from outside the U.S.). Please note that rates apply and are billed at $7.95 per minute (subject to change). Forms of payment accepted are Visa and MasterCard only, and calls are limited to 10 minutes per call.

Callers should have the ship name and stateroom number or name of the party they are contacting before calling. Callers using the above numbers will be transferred directly to the guest’s stateroom. If the guest is not in the stateroom at the time of the call the caller may leave a voicemail message.

You can also make calls from the ship using the Ship-to-Shore telephone service. Rates for this service also apply and will be billed starting at $7.95 per minute. Telephones are available in all staterooms.