The following information is required by the cruise line and is needed for every guest in your stateroom:

1. Legal First and Last Name as they appear on your Government Issued Travel Documents (i.e.: passport/birth certificate – middle names are not necessary)
2. Date of birth (mm/dd/year)
3. Country of citizenship
4. Best telephone number to reach you (required for each financially responsible guest)
5. Email address (required for each financially responsible guest; no duplicate emails can be accepted)
6. Mailing address (for each financially responsible guest; please do not use a P.O. Box)
7. Special dietary or physical needs
8. Credit Card (for each financially responsible guest)

If you will be paying for your stateroom with multiple credit cards, you will need to have all of the credit card numbers (with expiration date and the card’s verification code/CVV number) as well as the billing name and billing addresses for each card. The credit card(s) must belong to the guest(s) booked on the reservation.