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Enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean with your friends and family and experience a once in a lifetime training opportunity with the best athletes and coaches in the world.  Here is what is INCLUDED in your cruise fare:

Attend various classes led by the best in the industry.

The athletes will be coaching the classes and helping you scale as needed. Join us to attend:  

  • A workout with Rich Froning and Brooke Wells on the pool deck. This workout will be a ship wide class, and all are invited to attend.
  • Attend Chris Hinshaw’s daily seminar on improving your aerobic capacity and endurance.
  • Take a class from one of the many top athletes on the ship including Margaux Alvarez, Paul Tremblay, Pat Vellner, Chyna Cho, Annie Sakamoto, and many more!
  • Want to learn more about nutrition and the impact on your daily life? Keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, and other hot nutrition topics will be discussed with EvaClaire Synkowski in her daily seminars.
  • Want to workout with The Good Dudes? Join Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, and Josh Bridges on the pool deck! 
  • Attend a 45-minute excursion to Happy Hour CrossFit on Nassau Island to get your barbell fix.
  • Sign up for the  Joggin’ for Frogmen 5K on CocoCay Island! Run with friends to celebrate a great cause.

Class Descriptions

Here is a description of the classes included with your ticket! Check out the daily schedule  here to see the day to day class schedule.  Sign up/RSVP for classes will be announced closer to sailing so make sure you are booked to get first dibs on the course of your choice! 

  • Dumbbell/Kettlebell Class: Imagine anything you can do with a barbell; we will do that with dumbbells and kettlebells. Deadlifting, snatching to lunging – be ready for some challenges! What is usually used as a basketball court will host our dumbbell classes. On the basketball court near the back of the ship, you find yourself with a crowd watching you finish your workout.


  • Aerobic Capacity Classes: We are incredibly excited to have Chris Hinshaw on board to lead daily Aerobic Capacity seminars and workouts. 


  • Bodyweight Fitness Classes: Classes will consist of individual and partner workouts, focusing on all gymnastics (bodyweight) movements. These workouts will take place in an outdoor area where views just simply can’t be beaten.


  • Outdoor Calisthenics Classes: A low barrier to entry workout, the calisthenics will focus on keeping your body moving. A warm-up, drill, and cool-down will help you get your day started. With a 200M track around the pool deck and plenty of areas to stretch, this class may be the ticket to getting you back on the track for the day.


  • Penance Classes: We’ve all been there, the penance class is to pay for the night before, or perhaps the night to come. This class will use gymnastics, mono-structural, and light weightlifting movements. Including two sets of stairs, the 800M loop on the 5th deck will give you plenty of room to think about the decisions you made on the previous night and perhaps provide you with the motivation to rinse, wash, and repeat.


  • Sandbag Sesh: Learn how to lift odd objects, carry them and move some heavy weight with some new tools!


  • Open Gym: If you want more fitness or want to workout on your schedule, head over to the basketball court for Open Gym. During scheduled hours you will have access to all the equipment you need to get a great workout.


  • Barbell Technique: How many times have you failed lifts; forward, backwards, missed footing, etc. We know you are strong enough the get the bar overhead, but your technique might need a bit of work. Join us with PVC pipes and some of the world’s top coaches to help. This class will serve as a workout of a warm-up for one of our six other classes. 


*The daily schedule is subject to change based on ship conditions and athlete scheduling. 

Time For Vacation 

After attending a class with your favorite athlete, it’s time for vacation!  Join us for one (or ALL!) of the many events all over the ship, including:

  • Meet and greet your favorite athletes at dinner including EZ Muhammad, James Hobart, Dan Bailey, and Mary Beth Prodromides.


  • Take an excursion with Craig Kenney, Jen Smith, Brooke Wells and many more. 


  • Join happy hour events with Pat Vellner, Spencer Hendel, and Chyna Cho.


  • Attend a LIVE Froning and Friends podcast! 
  • Join EZ Muhammad for karaoke (and maybe a little dancing if you are lucky!)


  • Make new fitness friends at The Box Swap – bring a t-shirt from your favorite gym and swap with new friends.


  • Get ready for nightly theme parties! From Pirates of the Royal Caribbean to a Neptune Toga Party – there will best dressed costume contests, dancing, and so much more!


  • Join our party starter Neptune all over the ship for free drinks, photos, and so much fun! 


*Ship events are subject to change based on the schedule. Excursion sign ups will be released approximately four weeks before sailing. 

*Schedule and events are subject to change.  Schedule last modified on Monday October 15th.



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*Price does not include taxes, fees, or port expenses

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